1. 40 Best Free Tumblr Themes Of Year 2011

    Quartz Theme is number 26 on this list. Nothing like a little press to boost your ego :)

  2. 3,434 Installs

    Just thought I’d give an update, since the last time I did it was at 1,000. And also because it’s two thirty-fours. Is it only me who thinks that’s cool?

  3. 1,000 installs!!

    The Quartz Theme just hit a thousand installs! Thanks so much guys, and keep on using and enjoying the Quartz Theme!

  4. A Cool Update!

    I just added the ability to choose between the normal menu size and a smaller menu size—so you can fit more items! You can find the “Small Menu” option in the “Appearance” menu when customizing your theme. If it’s not there, you might have to re-install the theme. Thanks so much, and keep on using the Quartz Theme!!!!

  5. Chat

    Guy: Isn't it so cool that I'm one of the first ones using the new Quartz Theme on Tumblr?

    Girl: Yeah!.. What's Tumblr?

    Guy: You serious?

    Girl: Well...sorry...

    Guy: You don't know about Tumblr?

    Girl: Give me a sec... I'm updating my Facebook.

    Guy: Ugh... Well you should definitely get a Tumblr and then use this new Quartz Theme. It's the best!

    Girl: OK...OK... Give me a sec.

  6. What does that sign say?
  7. Tumblr

    Have you guys heard of this new site called Tumblr? It’s like a blog, but better! You can upload pictures and links and videos and anything else you want. And it’s so easy! No limits either. You should def check it out.

  8. A little intro message for all the cool Tumblr people.